Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kositsky and Stritmatter's Tempest book to be published by McFarland

In a holiday present for all anti-Strats, Lynne Kositsky announced in a Christmas Eve post on her blog: McFarland accepts our book, A Movable Feast!

Kositsky and her research partner Roger Stritmatter, PhD have found a publisher for their research on dating Shakespeare's Tempest, a work titled A Movable Feast: Sources, Chronology and Design of Shakespeare’s Tempest. Kositsky said: 
Contrary to longstanding belief, the play’s New World imagery is derived not from William Strachey’s account of a 1609 shipwreck in Bermuda, but from Richard Eden’s 1555 Decades of the New World. The book will include detailed point-by-point rebuttals to two newly published critiques of our work: one by Alden Vaughan (2008) in Shakespeare Quarterly and another by Tom Reedy (2010) in Review of English Studies, showing how their misplaced confidence in traditional authority has led to misinterpretations of the evidence of the date and influence of Strachey’s manuscript.
Grats, guys!