Thursday, December 15, 2011

McClarran's I Come to Bury Shaksper

A year ago in December 2010, when we Oberons gathered for our annual holiday feast at Tom and Rosey Hunter’s house, Tom was filled with enthusiasm for an unpublished work that he had just read, Steve McClarran’s I Come to Bury Shaksper, now available for the Kindle at Amazon.

Upon receiving McClarran’s manuscript in November 2010, Tom had told the author, with characteristic warmth and humor: “We will be getting together with the family to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow. I have a feeling that I will be huddled up in a corner with your book. Just hope I don't get gravy all over it. Will report back as soon as I have something substantive to say or as soon as I think I have something substantive to say, whichever occurs first.”

Within days, he reported to McClarran:
“I have been waiting for the let down, and it hasn't come. The book gets better and better as it goes. The probing jabs have become body blows, and I hear air whooshing out of the Stratfordian punching bag. . . . Will try to find time to be more detailed. I just hope that this great work doesn't get put aside and benefit no one except now perhaps me . . . and anyone else to whom you have shown it.  I hope it gets published in some form soon because I want it to be there for me to refer to.”

When Tom told us about this work, we all wanted to read it, so we were delighted to hear that McClarran recently published his work as an eBook with Kindle.

“Putting the book on Amazon-Kindle is easy except for the main document upload,” McClarran said. “It's all done on the computer. You never deal with a person. Well, actually the upload is easy, it's getting the document ready for the upload that was a challenge. I spent at least 100 hours modifying the Word document so it would reformat properly to html and Kindle.”

I Come to Bury Shaksper: A Deconstruction of the Fable of the Stratfordian Shake-speare and the Supporting Scholarship by Steve McClarran was released December 9, 2011. Although our dear friend Tom Hunter is no longer with us, we have received the benefit of his encouragement of McClarran’s work.

McClarran describes I Come to Bury Shaksper:
This is the story of what is perhaps the greatest failure in the annals of scholarship, of institutionalized self-deception, vested interest, and corrupt methodology.  This book is a frontal attack on the absurd foundational assumptions and made-up facts that serve as the foundation of Shaksper’s biography ‘as Shakespeare’, in what is known as the Stratfordian Tradition, on the failure of mainstream scholars to apply the science of psychology and basic common sense to the problems of Shakespeare’s creative development and aspirations, on the myth of the dating of Shakespeare’s works, the so-called Standard Chronology, and the outrageous fiction that the Stratford grammar school was a world-class center of classical learning. This book is aimed at those who are relatively unfamiliar with Shakespeare and the Shakespeare authorship question, but it also a challenge to the defenders of the Stratfordian Tradition to deal with fundamental questions they have been avoiding for more than two centuries.
About the Author: Steve McClarran is an independent scholar who has spent more than ten years studying the Shakespeare authorship question.  His professional background is in management and organizational analysis with the US Army (Federal employee, retired).  A native of California, the author currently lives in Germany.

Note: Order I Come to Bury Shaksper to read on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Android by downloading Amazon's free Kindle software. The Kindle edition is $9.99.

UPDATE 02/15/12: I Come to Bury Shaksper is now available in paperback at a cost of $22.95 at CreateSpace:

UPDATE 04/07/18
Here is the link Steve Steinburg sent of "latest edition" 

No Kindle version available at this date.