Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Podcast Series

I have just learned of a very nice new website which will, in time, be a series of podcasts on different aspects of the Shakespeare Authorship Question. The site is called The Shakespeare Underground and may be reached here: theshakespeareunderground.com

The site is being put together by Jennifer Newton, who was at the recent SOS/SF Joint Authorship Conference in Washington, DC.

So far there are two podcasts available: Where There's a Will (Bonner Miller Cutting on the will of Shakspere of Stratford) and The Law in Hamlet (with Thomas Regnier).

The podcasts are basically interviews with these two well-spoken individuals by Jennifer Newton and are very well done. Bonner's interview is about one hour long and Thomas's interview is about 90 minutes.

I recommend these podcasts very highly and I will be periodically checking the site for updates and more podcasts. The site mentions an upcoming podcast with Earl Showerman on the French Court in Shakespeare, but does not mention when it will be available.