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Percy Allen Book from 1930

Here's a find that you all may find of interest: "The Case for Edward de Vere Seventh Earl of Oxford as"Shakespeare"" authored by Percy Allen. It's published by Cecil Palmer Chandos Street London, First Edition 1930 Copyright I found this at a used bookstore last weekend. Here are the chapters: I. Introductory II. Oxford's Poems and Shakespeare III. Shakespeare in the Lyrics of Lyly's Plays IV. Oxford in "Venus" and "Lucrece" V. Oxford in Chapman's Poems VI. Oxford in the Shakesperean Sonnets VII. The "Publication Committee" of Elizabethian Drama VIII. Oxford in the Shakesperean Comedies IX. Oxford in the Shakesperean Comedies...continued X. Oxford in the Shakesperean Tragedies XI. Oxford in the Shakesperean Tragedies...continued XII. Oxford in the First Folio, and Summary I'll bring the volume with me to the next Oberon meeting on

RIchard Joyrich reports on 12th Annual Shakespeare Authorship Studies Conference at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon

April 3, 2008 Hi Oberoners, I made it to Portland and I have just come back from the first day of the 12th Annual Shakespeare Authorship Studies Conference (hereafter SASC) at Concordia University. It's always nice to be here (I think it's my 6th time) and see some of the familiar faces. I have regards from the three Sharpes for those Oberoners they met when they attended the Ann Arbor Conference in 2006. Bonnie Miller Cutting on Pembroke portrait Well, here goes the first installment of my conference reports:The first talk (at 4 PM today) was by Bonner Miller Cutting, titled "The Case of the Wrong Countess". She spoke of a large painting by Sir Anthony Van Dyke which can be seen at Wilton House (seat of the Earls of Pembroke). It was probably painted in 1625 and shows Philip Herbert, 4th Earl of Pembroke (one of the "incomparable brethren" who the First Folio was dedicated to) with many members of his family (sons and their wives, his daughter and her husba

Richard Joyrich sends greetings from the Rogue Valley

April 2, 2008 Hi Oberoners, As a precursor to my attendance at the Concordia Conference in Portland, Oregon (which I report on in due time) I am spending a few days here in Ashland (in the Rogue Valley) at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in order to get myself in the "Shakespeare" mood. I arrived here yesterday (Monday) but didn't do anything except check in to my hotel (the Bard's Inn ) and go to sleep. Today, I had lunch with Earl Showerman (who lives near here) and we only spent about 20-percent of the time discussing the Greek influences on Shakespeare. Yes, Earl is about to present another of his series of presentations on this subject later this week at Portland. Having the rest of the day free until my 8 p.m. theater (more on this later) I went to that famous spot, the Oregon Vortex and House of Mystery . At this spot, due to the strange orientation of the north-south and east-west magnetic forces known as terra lines, strange phenomenon occur, such as people c