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Richard Waugaman, MD, releases updated ebook

The erudite and accessible Richard Waugaman, M.D. has published a second and expanded edition of his first book, Newly Discovered Works by "William Shake-Speare": a.k.a. Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford , now available as a Kindle edition from Amazon. Waugaman said: Two new chapters add 30% more material, and I've made other revisions throughout. Both new chapters attribute translations from Latin into English to de Vere -- the  Metamorphoses   traditionally attributed to his uncle; and a 1570 translation of Johann Sturm's short work on rhetoric.   In both of these new chapters, I present detailed philological evidence for de Vere's authorship, including unusual spellings; word coinages including "to coin" a word and words starting "un-"; and especially the highly Shakespearean use of hendiadys -- "the figure of twins," as de Vere called it in the  Arte of English Poesie .  UPDATE Jan. 28, 2017:   You can get the secon

Joyrich will speak at Interlochen's "Shakespeare Authorship Symposium" April 22, 2017

by Linda Theil Oberon chair Richard Joyrich, MD, will speak at the   "Shakespeare Authorship Symposium" hosted by Interlochen Center for the Arts at 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. April 22, 2017 in the Harvey Theater at Interlochen . Oberons plan to attend the day-long event, as well as the Interlochen production of Cardenio , attributed to John Fletcher and William Shakespeare, and directed by Interlochen instructor Dr. David Montee . Montee said: In honor of the Interlochen Theatre Division’s production of Cardenio, a “lost” play by William Shakespeare, and Shakespeare’s birthday/death day on April 23, we invite you to join us for a special day-long symposium on Saturday, April 22 to examine the authorship issue surrounding Shakespeare’s works. A distinguished panel of invited Shakespeare scholars, including Dr. Sabrina Feldman, author of  The Apocryphal Shakespeare  and  The Shakespearean Glass Slipper , and Dr. Richard Joyrich, founding member of the Oberon Shakespeare Study

Rey Perez' final word to Oberons

by Linda Theil Mara Radzvickas and Reinaldo Perez at Beau's in Bloomfield Twp. MI, June 26, 2015. The obituary of our colleague Reinaldo Perez (1944-2016)  has been published at  Legacy website  and will appear in the  Detroit News  and the  Detroit Free Press  today, January 15, 2017. Although no information regarding memorial services is yet available, Perez' obituary informs us that his cremated remains will be interred in Orlando, Florida. Perez' obituary was compiled by his longtime friend, Terry Shaw, who is also known to Oberon members. In her memorial essay, Shaw relates a story of Rey's final day before entering St. Joe Mercy Hospital Ann Arbor on October 26, 2017 where he passed away on   December 12, 2016 due to complications from heart surgery.  Shaw said: The night before his surgery [Rey] spent several hours writing a vigorous response to a recent book about Shakespeare, resulting in only four hours of rest before he entered the hospital. He n