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Robin Browne publishes in Tyndale Society journal

Robin Browne at Sept. 9, 2017 Oberon Shakespeare  Study Group meeting at Bloomfield Twp. Library, MI. by Linda Theil An article titled "The Bible, the Bishops and the Bard" by Oberon Shakespeare Study Group member Robin Browne was published in The Tyndale Society Journal #48 (Spring 2017).  Journal editor Neil Langdon Inglis commented in a footnote: From time to time, the TSJ will publish esoterica, and in the current issue we include a striking example by Robin Browne, who discusses the Tyndale/Shakespeare connection. There are mysteries to ponder here, and pending further discoveries by sleuths and historians inside our Society and beyond, certain historical truths must remain unknowable. We congratulate our friend, Robin Browne, on his accomplishment and his dedication to the study of Shakespeare. Resources Information on TSJ #48 is available at . "The Bible, the Bishops and the Bard" is online at  http://w

SAM Day November 8

Shakespeare Authorship Mystery Day logo by Linda Theil For all those Shakespeare enthusiasts who find the traditional April 23 date for Shakespeare celebrations inappropriate and unsatisfying, rejoice! We now have Shakespeare Authorship Mystery Day: November 8 -- the day of the 1623 publication of The First Folio -- to rally 'round. Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship President Tom Regnier, JD, LLM, said: We've designed Shakespeare Authorship Mystery Day to raise the visibility of the Shakespeare authorship question. SAM Day is intended to be a single day when all authorship doubters can amplify their voices while commemorating the date of the First Folio publication.   . . . We hope the celebration of Shakespeare Authorship Mystery Day will provide a platform for all groups and individuals studying the authorship question to promote their work and increase curiosity about the true authorship of Shakespeare's plays and poems. The Shakespeare Authorship Coalition a

Rosey and the Giant Matzo

Rosey Hunter chooses Matzo Ball Soup at Stage Deli i n West Bloomfield, MI Oct. 20, 2017. by Linda Theil October 23, 2017 Oberons gathered at The Stage Deli in West Bloomfield, Michigan last Friday to celebrate the return of Oberon Chair Richard Joyrich, MD, from the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship conference in Chicago. Joyrich reported that he had dinner with our dear friends and ex-pat Oberons, Tom and Joy Townsend, who traveled from their home in Seattle to the Chicago event. Joyrich also told us that Hank Whittemore had been named Oxfordian of the Year 2017 for his work on the book, 100 Reasons Shakespeare was the Earl of Oxford , and for many achievements highlighted in the SOF news blog article "Hank Whittemore: Oxfordian of the Year 2017" .   The 2018 SOF conference will be held in Oakland, California. Sharon Hunter and Richard Joyrich at Stage Deli in West Bloomfield, MI on Oct. 20, 2017