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Is Languet the sonneteer?

by Linda Theil "If you marry a wife, and if you beget children like your-self, you will be doing better service to your country than if you could cut the throats of a thousand Spaniards or Frenchmen." * So said French protestant teacher and diplomat Hubert Languet to young Philip Sydney during their decade-long correspondence beginning in 1573. Languet's Sydney correspondence was published in the original Latin in 1633, and was translated into English along with some of Sidney's reply in 1845 by Steuart A. Pears. Pears' work was reprinted along with a new introduction by William A. Bradley in 1912. The 1845 edition is available free on Google Books ; the 1912 edition can be purchased in reproduction from Leopold Classic Library on Amazon for $18.45. Various other sources of the correspondence are also available. The existence and availability of this trove of primary source material was made known to us by Elizabeth Quattrocki Knight, MD, PhD during her presenta

Robin Browne passed away March 28, 2024

Michael Robin Browne 1941-2024  Oberon Shakespeare Study Group meeting Bloomfield Hills Library Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, February 9, 2019 by Linda Theil Our dear friend and longtime Oberon colleague Robin Browne passed away March 28, 2024 after a brave fight with longstanding illness. A memorial service to honor  him will be held on July 14, 2024 at Christ Church Cranbrook, 470 Church Road, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan; and will be followed by a recption at his home. A tribute to  his life can be viewed at Michael Robin Browne on Legacy. To honor Robin's memory, Oberon will make a contribution to the church garden fund, as was his wish. Oberon chairperson Richard Joyrich shares his tribute to our beloved friend and colleague, Robin Browne: Robin has been a part of the Oberon Shakespeare Study Group almost from the beginning. He very rarely missed one of our meetings in various libraries in the past, and always had much to contribute. Although not a strict Oxfordian -- he tended t