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Shakespeare Fellowship Responds to Shakespeare Beyond Doubt

by Richard Joyrich As many of you know, the Authorship Question is about to enter another phase. In what I consider to be somewhat of a triumph of the growing collection of "Authorship Doubters" or "Antistratfordians" (or "AntiShakespeareans" as the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust would have it in an obvious attempt at ad hominem attack), the "academic establishment" has finally realized that ignoring the doubters will not make them go away. The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust is trying again (somewhat pathetically in my opinion) to silence the doubters and show that there is "no doubt" that William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon is the author of over 37 plays and several narrative poems. They failed miserably with James Shapiro's book and, despite their best efforts to sabotage the recent movie Anonymous , the word continues to get out. The latest attempt is a new book called Shakespeare Beyond Doubt by Paul Edmonson and St