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Joyrich chosen Oberon chair

The interim chairmanship of the Oberon Shakespeare Study Group was decided last night by the flip of a Buchanan dollar. Candidates Richard Joyrich and Tom Townsend agreed to allow fate to end a tied vote, and the toss came up heads making Joyrich Oberon chair until our regular election in September. Oberon is fortunate to have such talented members who are dedicated to the group's success. 

SARC annual conference hosts US premier of Last Will & Testament April 14, 2012

Shakespeare Authorship Research Center Director Daniel Wright, PhD,  announced the schedule for the April 14-16, 2012 Shakespeare Authorship Studies Conference in Portland, Oregon. Wright said registration for the conference is $165 and may be made online at . He also announced the recipients of this year's Vero Nihil Verius Award. Here is Wright's announcement (click on the link at the jump to read the entire content): The 16 th  Annual Shakespeare Authorship Studies Conference will convene at Concordia University from Thursday, April 12 through Saturday, April 14.  The conference will feature the American premiere of the blockbuster film,  Last Will & Testament  – a film by First Folio Productions, Laura Matthias and Lisa Wilson directors, Roland Emmerich executive producer.   The university’s Vero Nihil Verius Award for Scholarly Excellence will be conferred on Katherine Chiljan for her most recent book, Shakespe

Michael Delahoyde will manage Brief Chronicles

Yesterday Brief Chronicles  General Editor Roger Stritmatter announced Michael Delahoyde, PhD will replace Gary Goldstein as the new managing editor of the online, interdisciplinary journal of Shakespeare authorship studies. Stritmatter said: Dr. Michael Delahoyde, Professor of English at Washington State College in Pullman, WN., is the new managing editor of Brief Chronicles . Delahoyde replaces Gary Goldstein, who served for three years in this position. We are appreciative of Mr. Goldstein's service as Managing Editor and delighted to have Dr. Delahoyde, who was for fourteen years been the editor of the Rocky Mountain Review of Languages and Literature, a publication of the NW regional Modern Language Association. Dr. Delahoyde will be managing the journal's submission and peer review process starting this month. Stritmatter said Delahoyde will manage the journal's submission and peer review process beginning this month. Stritmatter also made a formal call for submiss

Oberon special election Feb. 27, 2012

Hi Oberoners,   It's time for another Oberon meeting!   Our next meeting is on Monday, February 27 at 6:45 PM at our new place (well, we DID meet there last month so it's not COMPLETELY new), the Bloomfield Township Library at 1099 Lone Pine Road in Bloomfield Township (SE corner of Telegraph and Lone Pine).   We will have an exciting meeting (as usual). A lot of important things will be happening so I hope everyone can attend.   As we discussed at last month's meeting, we are in need of an interim Chairman until we can hold formal elections for all our positions in September. So we will be holding a Special Election at the February meeting. At the moment we have two nominations for Interim Chair, myself and Tom Townsend. We will entertain any other nominations at the February meeting (or before then if you want to let me know about it by e-mail) and then we can vote.   In addition, at the February meeting we will be treated to a presentation by Ron Ha

SOS/SF joint conference to be held Oct. 18-21, 2012 in Pasadena

Old Town Pasadena Courtyard by Marriott Shakespeare Fellowship President Earl Showerman announced today that the eighth  annual Shakespeare Authorship Conference, jointly sponsored by the Shakespeare Fellowship and the Shakespeare-Oxford Society will be held October 18-21, 2012 at the Old Town Pasadena Courtyard by Marriott in  Pasadena ,  California . Deadline for proposals is July 15, 2012. For more information contact Showerman at mailto: and see the article titled  "2012 SF/SOS conference will be held . . ." on the Shakespeare Fellowship news page. Guidelines for presentation of papers 2012.

Anonymous released on DVD this week

In an interview titled "Roland Emmerich talks Shakespeare . . ."  with Jeremey Gingrich published this month at Flix 66, Roland Emmerich said attacks  by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and by Contested Will author James Shapiro  against his Shakespeare authorship film, Anonymous , hurt the film's attendance. According to Gingrich, Emmerich said: It hurt. Because it made smart people not want to see the film. These guys are famous people. The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust is very powerful in England and Jim Shapiro is kind of your typical New York intellectual, and they were very smart how they handled this film in discrediting the film. And when you look at the reviews, you'll notice most were reviewing the [authorship] theory and not the film. The film opened to disappointing box office last fall, and was released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on DVD, Blu-Ray, and iTunes this week. Despite impressive CGI and extraordinary performances by Vanessa Redgrave

SASC Conference

Mark your calendars for the next (the 16th) Annual Shakespeare Authorship Studies Conference at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon, to be held April 12-14, 2012. It should be a great (and informative) time, as usual for this Conference. Here is a posting by Professor Daniel Wright, director of the Shakespeare Authorship Research Center (SARC) and leader of the Conference: Friends, It’s nearing that time – spring time! – conference time! – once again! The 16 th Annual Shakespeare Authorship Studies Conference at Concordia University will convene for three days from April 12 through April 14 this year. Sessions will run from 6pm – 9pm on Thursday the 12 th ; from 9am – 5pm on Friday the 13 th ; and from 9am – 5pm on Saturday the 14 th . Registration is $165. This year, the university’s Vero Nihil Verius Award for Distinguished Scholarship will be conferred on Katherine Chiljan for her outstanding new study, Shakespeare Suppressed: The Uncensored Truth About Shakespeare and H