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Scouting the Northern trail

Dennis McCarthy, subject of North by Shakespeare by Michael Blandings In his book North by Shakespeare: a Rogue Scholars Quest for the Truth behind the Bard's Work (Hachette Books, March 30, 2021) Dennis McCarthy’s biographer, Michael Blanding lends his journalistic skill and authorial brilliance to creating a work capable of focusing public attention on the travesty of the Stratfordian attribution of Shakespeare’s work. Blanding chronicles the travail of McCarthy's delivery of Sir Thomas North (1535-ca1604) as the original author of Shakespeare's plays. In the process, Blandings'  book brings to public attention three important Shakespeare authorship criticisms that anti-Strats have always known were Stratfordian deal-breakers: The Stratfordian-centered dating of the plays is wrong. The plays are based on erudite understanding of multiple classical sources inaccessible to the Stratfordian candidate. The success of the Stratfordian candidate is based on tradition, not