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Frank Lawler at work on English translation of anti-Strat Abel LeFranc

Frank Lawler at work in his Seattle office on the English translation of Sous  le Masque de "William Shakespeare", William Stanley Vie Comte de Derby (1918) by Abel Lefranc.  Just kidding! This photo is Frank Lawler in his role as  Nicholas II  in  Last Days of the Tsars   at Stimson-Green Mansion in Seattle through March 25, 2020. Photo credit: Joe Iano By guest writer Frank Lawler In 1918, a fascinating, yet under-appreciated and rarely mentioned work on the Shakespeare authorship question was published in Paris. Sous le Masque de “William Shakespeare”, William Stanley Vie Comte de Derby  (1918) was written by Abel Lefranc, Professor at the Collège de France . Professor Lefranc waded into the authorship debate at a time when the only alternative candidates were, essentially, Francis Bacon and Roger Manners. Yet adherents to these theories were already being venomously dismissed by the Stratfordian establishment: "The Baconian case constantly tends to n