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Delahoyde publishes new edition of TwelfthNight

by Linda Theil Oberon East/West colleague Dr. Michael Delahoyde , professor of English and Humanities at Washington State University, self-published an Oxfordian-perspective edition of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night in August. Twelfth Night is his second Oxfordian edition, after publishing his Oxfordian edition of Anthony and Cleopatra in 2015. He talked with us about his work recently. Oberon: How long have you been working on this edition? Could you tell about your process and research? Delahoyde: I began work on this edition shortly after completing  Anthony and Cleopatra , typing the play itself eight years ago and then puttering with it by reading every bit of research published that I could absorb, especially everything put forth by Oxfordians from Looney onwards, until Covid gave me the time and imprisonment; then it was full steam ahead. Oberon: Do you have a favorite note from this edition? Delahoyde: My favorite bit — from the intro, not a particular note: The most comp