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Important Observations from a "Crackpot"

by Richard Joyrich I would like to direct everyone's attention to a new e-book published by Keir Cutler. As readers of this blog will be aware, Keir is a celebrated author and actor, whose one-man show Is Shakespeare Dead (an adaptation of the work by Mark Twain) has been performed all over Canada and at several places in the United States (including at two of the past Joint SOS/SF Authorship Conferences). This play is available to view on You Tube. Keir is a spokesman for the Declaration of Reasonable Doubt About the Identity of William Shakespeare ( ) and has made a wonderful five minute You Tube video about it, entitled "Why Was I Never Told This". This You Tube video is embedded at the very bottom of the Oberon blog page and I encourage everyone to check it out. Now, Keir has collected information from various articles of his to produce his new e-book, The Shakespeare Authorship Question: A Crackpot's View . It is available for Kindl

SARC conference April 11-14, 2013

The Richard Paul and Jane Roe Shakespeare Authorship Research Centre Director Daniel Wright, PhD of Concordia University in Portland, Oregon reminds us that the seventeen annual Shakespeare Authorship Studies Conference will be held April 11-14 at Concordia University in Portland Oregon. At the conference  Anonymous  screenwriter John Orloff will be awarded the university's Vero Nihil Verius Award for Distinguished Achievements in the Shakespearean Arts. and Oxfordian scholar  Ramon Jimenez and James Warren -- author of   Index to Oxfordian Newsletter and Journal Articles  --   will both receive the university's Vero Nihil Verius Distinguished Shakespearean Scholarship Award. All three will present at the conference.  Wright said: " The program . . . will be highlighted by this year's keynote speaker, William Ray, on Friday, and John Orloff - scriptwriter of  Anonymous  (and other great works like the acclaimed HBO series,  Band of Brothers ) on Saturday." A s