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Happy New Year Oberon meeting January 20

From Oberon Chair R. Thomas Hunter, PhD: Dear Oberon,   Here is a last minute reminder that our first meeting of 2010 will be this Wednesday, Jan 20, at the Farmington Library.  Doors to Meeting Room A open at 6:45 p.m.   This will be a blockbuster event, featuring Tom Townsend's amazing Sonnets reprise.   If that is not enough, we will have more on the one possible smoking gun buried in the dedication to the Sonnets.   You will not want to miss these developments, along with a look back to where we have been and what we have done coupled with a look forward to what we will be doing and where we're going.   Plus we will have that popular new feature, "What's new with you?"  You can only imagine what joy that will bring to the assembled multitude.   As Shakespeare said, "Be there or be square."  Oh, he didn't?  Well, he would have had he thought of it.  See you all on 'Wednesday!   Tom Hunter Your devoted chair