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Foote publishes Brazil's Angel Day

Robert Brazil's childhood friend and publisher, Jefferson Foote, announced that Brazil's unpublished manuscript, Angel Day, the English Secretary, and the Seventeenth Earl of Oxford , is now available as a paperback from Amazon. The description of Angel Day, etc. says: . . . In this volume, Robert Brazil reports his research into the life of Angel Day and The English Secretary' s broad influence on Elizabethan writers, including Shakespeare. Day was the English Secretary -- to Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, to whom every edition was dedicated. Brazil shows evidence that the two men worked together to produce the book, Day being the loyal, practical conduit for the erratic co-contributions of an eccentric genius. Upon learning of Brazil's death in 2010, and with the approval of Brazil's family, Foote undertook to publish Brazil's lifework beginning with Edward DeVere and the Shakespeare Printers that Foote published in 2012 under t

The Nut of Stratford

by Linda Theil William Shakespeare and Others: Collaborative Plays byJonathan Bate and Eric Rasmussen (Palgrave Macmillan (Nov. 2013) is the latest implement in the recently popular Shakespeare-as-collaborator toolbox. “New” plays by Shakespeare and buddies have been popping up all over the canon, and I detect the stink of desperation in the Stratfordian rush to gain knowledgable assistants for the Stratford man's rapidly disintegrating authorial skills. Here is what J.Kelly Nestruck says on the topic in yesterday’sToronto Globe and Mail : If the larger-than-life myth of William Shakepeare – the genius son of a glover, the greatest writer of all time – has often strained belief, it’s only because of misunderstandings about the intensely collaborative culture he worked in (a culture that makes theories that Shakespeare was a secret pseudonym seem more absurd than ever).  Really? Although a very good Oxfordian friend says I am dead wrong, I insist that the Shakespeare “c

Kurt Kreiler releases German commentary on de Vere's poetry

by Linda Theil Neue Shake-speareGesellschaft (New Shakespeare Society) board member Hanno Wember of Hamburg, Germany reports that Kurt Kreiler’s new book, Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford -- The Thriftless Threadwhich Pampered Beauty Spins , was released by leading German publisher Suhrkamp/Insel on November 11, 2013. The book features commentary and translation into German of the poems of Edward de Vere (1550-1604). “The book - although in German - is bilingual concerning the poems. Interested people can at least read the poems in the original language,” Wember said. “ Suhrkamp/Insel is is one of the leading German publishing houses in literature.” Wember translated two paragraphs from the publisher’s webpage from German into English to give a sense of the content of Kreiler’s book about de Vere’s poems: Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford Der zarte Faden, den die Schönheit spinn (“The thriftless thread which pamper’d beauty spins”) One Hundred Poems Edited and translated by

SAT convenes at The Globe this Sunday

This information about the 2013 SAT Conference in London, England is available from their web site at: . LT Shakespearean Authorship Trust Conference 2013 - Sunday 24 November 2013 The Shakespearean Authorship Trust , in collaboration with Brunel University, presents  Much Ado About Italy . Our conference this year will challenge the assumption among orthodox scholars that Shakespeare was  no true traveller . Topics covered will include the Author’s familiarity with Italian literature and the arts - including Roger Prior’s remarkable discovery of the Bassano frescos - and a presentation of the extensive researches of Richard Paul Roe in his landmark book The Shakespeare Guide to Italy - Retracing the Bard's Unknown Travels . Speakers: Ros Barber  ( The Marlowe Papers  and  Shakespeare: the Evidence ) Julia Cleave  (Trustee of the SAT) Kevin Gilvary  ( Dating Shakespeare’s Plays , De Vere Society Chairman) Jenn

Ros Barber's new Shakespeare authorship book out November 24, 2013

by Linda Theil Ros Barber's Shakespeare: The Evidence --The Authorship Question Clarified will be published Nov. 24, 2013. Info at . Video promo for the book (above) is available on YouTube at Shakespeare: The Evidence. Promo material on the publisher's page says: Whether you are a firm believer that Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare, or suspect that he didn't, this book aims to enable readers to gain a more comprehensive knowledge of the problems at hand, clarify their thinking, and identify weaknesses in, and logical rebuttals to, the arguments of their opponents, as well as potentially strengthening their own. Ros Barber, PhD is the author of The Marlowe Papers (St. Martin's Press, 2013) that won the Hoffman Prize in manuscript in 2011. UPDATE 11/17/13 : A note published today by Ros Barber at  says the first installment of the  Shakespeare: The Evidence  ebook will be published o