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English History Plays in Stratford

by Susan Grimes Width What an intense Friday the 13th! Linda Theil, Richard Joyrich and I travelled to Canada via the Blue Water Bridge . After a lunch with Michael & Lynne Kositsky we saw a wonderful performance of Cymbeline in the Tom Patterson Theatre. Cara Ricketts as Imogen, the daughter of Cymbeline, was fantastic in both her beautiful gown and dressed as a young man.  Graham Abbey as Posthumos, so named because he was delivered at his mother's death, was great as a loving husband torn away by his father-in-law's disapproval, a cuckold husband - oh ye of little faith, and as a bare-chested soldier. The fighting between Cybeline's faithful and the Roman Soldiers seemed to take place right in our laps. The play was staged wonderfully, only my cheeks complained at the length! After a quick dinner and too-short rest, we attended the Festival Theatre for Henry V. Wow! The stage was massive and cold and the huge English and French flags were switched as backdrops

Order FREE digital Oberon yearbooks from Blurb

For all you info-junkies out there, we have recently taken advantage of Blurb’s new digital book editor and have converted our three existing Oberon Shakespeare Study Group yearbooks to ebook and iBooks format. Yearbook content includes news, reviews, and commentary on the Shakespeare authorship question as published on the Oberon Shakespeare Study Group web-log at . The ebook and iBooks editions of the Oberon yearbooks are available free of charge as downloads from the Blurb catalog. Here are the catalog page URLs for each of the yearbooks: Oberon Shakespeare Study Group Yearbook 2007-08 Oberon Shakespeare Study Group Yearbook 2009 Oberon Shakespeare Study Group Yearbook 2010 On the order page

Water Works opens Shakespeare in the Park August 2, 2012

Water Works Theatre will open their 2012 season of Shakespeare in the Park at Royal Oak on August 2. All performances are held at the Starr Jaycee Park in Royal Oak, Michigan. Henry V directed by Sara Catheryn Wolf and featuring Michael Brian Ogden in the eponymous lead will run Aug. 2-12: Thurs., Fri., Sat. at 8 p.m. and Sun. at 5 p.m.  Tickets are $20, good for any performance; and are available online at  and at the gate. Midsummer Night's Dream directed by Barton Bund will run  Aug. 4, 5, 11 and 12 at 1:00 p.m.; and August  7 and 8 at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $6, good for any performance; and are available online at  and at the gate. Summer Sonnets , an original production written by local playwright Audra Lord and directed by JM Ethridge will be presented free on August 4, 5, 11, and 12 at 3 p.m. The performance is " . . . a magical hour in the park with the Bard's l

UK professor says Shakespeare biographies are bunk

University of Kent at Canterbury emeritus professor David Ellis ’ new book, The Truth About William Shakespeare: Fact, Fiction and Modern Biographies (Edinburgh University, 2012), has been released in the US and received a starred review by Margaret Heilbrun in the May 2012 edition of Library Journal . The short review under the title “New Titles onShakespeare” offers this insight: In this meaty little book, Ellis takes on the spate of biographies of Shakespeare in recent decades. With incisive scholarship and wit, he demonstrates that most have been written in the absence of credible evidence: authors infer details of Shakespeare’s life and beliefs from information about the times, unverifiable anecdotes and jokes, sometimes even the sheer lack of evidence (e.g., Shakespeare must have been “discrete” and “concealing” because his name seldom appeared in the public records). . . . Non-academics and academics alike should pick this it up; it’s a sleeper and strongly recommended. (Give

Propeller brings Twelfth Night and Shrew to Ann Arbor Feb. 20-24, 2013

Propeller's Taming of the Shrew Photo Credit Philip Tull England's all-male Shakespeare repertory company, Propeller, brings Twelfth Night and Taming of the Shrew to the Power Center in Ann Arbor February 20-24, 2013. For information and tickets see the UMS web pages at  and  or check out the company's web pages at

Orloff, Jimenez, and Warren to receive SARC honors

The Richard Paul and Jane Roe Shakespeare Authorship Research Centre Director Daniel Wright, PhD of Concordia University in Portland, Oregon announced yesterday that Anonymous screenwriter John Orloff will be awarded the university's Vero Nihil Verius Award for Distinguished Achievements in the Shakespearean Arts. Wright also said that Oxfordian scholar  Ramon Jimenez and James Warren -- author of   Index to Oxfordian Newsletter and Journal Articles  --   will both receive the university's Vero Nihil Verius Distinguished Shakespearean Scholarship Award. These honors will be given at the seventeenth annual Shakespeare Authorship Studies Conference to be held April 11-13, 2013 at Concordia Universtiy where Orloff will participate in discussions of his work. For more information check the  Richard Paul and Jane Roe Shakespeare Authorship Research Centre website at .  Participants may register online at