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Nothing Truer Than Truth-Almost Finished

The following post is by Richard Joyrich. I hope all of you are aware of a new documentary that will be coming out soon. It is Nothing Truer Than Truth , being done by Cheryl Eagan-Donovan. Those of you who have attended the last few Joint Authorship Conferences have seen various excerpts of this and I can tell you it looks fantastic! Cheryl is hoping to have a rough "final" cut of the whole documentary to show at the upcoming Joint SF/SOS Conference in Pasadena this October (October 18-21). Cheryl's film is currently scheduled to show at 2:00 PM on Saturday, October 20. Cheryl is launching another fundraising effort to get the last funds she needs to complete everything. I am including here an e-mail she sent me recently about this. The campaign has now gone live and I can give you the link that Cheryl mentions in the last paragraph of her e-mail. It is Please go to this site. There you can

Download the Oberon 2011 yearbook free in eBook format

Oberon Shakespeare Study Group Yearbook 2011  The 2011 edition of the Oberon Shakespeare Study Group Yearbook is available in print and in a free, searchable, ebook format from Blurb . This huge edition is 167 pages; among many issues, the 2011 edition chronicles the release of Roland Emmerich's anti-Stratfordian film, Anonymous , and lists commentary and reviews of the film. You can preview the entire 2011 yearbook on Blurb. More information about print and ebook editions of Oberon yearbooks is available at "Order FREE digital Oberon yearbooks from Blurb" . Print editions may be ordered at a 20% discount -- when ordering two or more books -- until August 28, 2012 by using the code PROJECT. Resources:

Suzman uses authorship controversy to drum up publicity for her new book

In aid of promoting her new book, Not Hamlet , actress Dame Janet Suzman used the Shakespeare authorship question to generate headlines by making uninformed comments derogatory of authorship skeptics Mark Rylance and Sir Derek Jacoby. Suzman said in an article titled "Much ado over whether Shakespeare wrote his plays" in Sunday's Daily Mail : 'And you have to be a snob if you just hate it that the greatest poet the world has produced was born into the humble aldermanic classes of a provincial town.' She added: 'How strange it is that Jacobi and Rylance, hundreds of years later, with their outstanding acting instincts, should embrace such a haughty view of the man who has made them as big as they are. 'We have seen a dozen times how thrillingly they themselves can conjure up fantastical character studies of fictional persons – without ever having been crowned king or murdered a rival in real life. It's what actors do for heaven's sakes, and

Barbara Crowley tribute from Dan Wright

Shakespeare Authorship Research Centre Director Daniel Wright, PhD, reported on the death of Oxfordian Barbara Crowley. LT 9:44 a.m. August 16,2012 Friends, I just learned a few minutes ago of the death of one of Oxfordianism’s great leaders, Barbara Crowley.  This astonishing woman and her late husband, John – who among other achievements, served as the Democratic mayor of Pasadena (no small accomplishment!) back in the 80s of Ronald Reagan – were pioneers in advancing the Oxfordian cause when times were tough and the derisive laughs directed at those who disparaged the notion that bookless Stratford Will was the writer, William Shakespeare, were loud and long.  We’re all going to miss her so very much, but we have the legacy of Barbara’s scholarship and dedication to the relentless advance of the case for Edward de Vere to celebrate her life for years and years to come. Barbara and John donated the Barbara and John Crowley Gallery and Exhibition Center in the SARC where, eve

England's NT Live will broadcast Timon and Othello in theaters worldwide

The National Theatre Live project will include broadcasts of Timon of Athens with Simon Russell Beale (Nov. 1, 2012) -- and, according to the University Musical Society brochure, but not confirmed on the NT site, Othello  -- as part of its fourth season of theatrical events originating at the Royal National Theatre in London and made available in movie theaters around the world. The broadcasts will be shown locally under the auspices of the University Musical Society at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor. The National Theater site makes the following statement re Timon and Shakespeare, the collaborator. This commentary continues an unfortunate tradition of Shakespearean program notes that state supposition or theory as fact. Simon Russell Beale  takes the title role in  Timon of Athens , Shakespeare's strange fable of conspicuous consumption, debt and ruin, written in collaboration with Thomas Middleton, directed by  Nicholas Hytner .