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New Oxford Shakespeare adds Marlowe as co-writer

         Christopher Marlowe, 1564-1593 by Linda Theil Oxford University Press   raised a storm of major media coverage this week with the announcement   that their new edition of Shakespeare’s complete works credits Christopher Marlowe as co-writer on Shakespeare's Henry VI plays. OUP editor Gary Taylor and others have recently devoted themselves to the notion of Shakespearean “collaboration”, but this is the first time that an academic publisher has broken the authorship taboo by admitting there may be unanswered questions about the origin of Shakespeare’s works. Taylor, a staunch Stratfordian, doesn't realize that an emphasis on Shakespearean “collaboration” invites investigation of the entire Shakespeare authorship question by validating the search for authentic attribution.  Oberon asked Dr. Ros Barber  -- who wrote her 2012 doctoral dissertation and her award-winning novel ,  The Marlowe Papers ,  on the topic of Marlowe writing Shakespeare --  w