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In memoriam Mara Radzvickas 1941-2023

Our dearly loved friend Mara Radzvickas 1941-2023 Oberons are saddened by the loss of our fellow Oberon,  Mara Radzvickas . Mara was a beautiful, brilliant, and delightful friend; we will not know her like again. A funeral mass will be held May 26, 2023 at St. Regis Church in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Fellow Oberon member Tom Townsend remembers Mara here.  by Tom Townsend Our wonderful friend, Marilyn “Mara” Radzvickas, passed away April 14, 2023. She was a dynamic and energetic woman all her life. Mara came to work in the Detroit area from Chicago. She loved her work at the agency: She was the Associated Director of Consumer Insights for a large advertising agency. Mara was loved by all her work associates, clients, and suppliers. In fact, there were few, if any, who were ‘simply neutral’ about Mara. As her friend, I enjoyed working with Mara. We both worked in an agency research department where we had a great working relationship and were highly productive. Mara read constantly on

Winkler drops the mic

Elizabeth Winkler presenting at Shakespearean Authorship Trust virtual event April 22, 2023 by Linda Theil In her new book, Shakespeare Was a Woman and Other Heresies: How Doubting the Bard Became the Biggest Taboo in Literature , Elizabeth Winkler presents a smart, witty, and eminently readable account of one woman's journey through the wonderful world of Stratfordian bullshit. Winkler's new book published by Simon & Schuster, 2023 According to her publisher: "Elizabeth Winkler is a journalist and book critic whose work has appeared in  The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Times Literary Supplement , and  The Economist,  among other publications. She received her undergraduate degree from Princeton University and her master’s in English literature from Stanford University. Her essay “Was Shakespeare a Woman?”, first published in  The Atlantic , was selected for  The Best American Essays 2020.  She lives in Washington, DC." I've inclu