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James Warren will publish new edition of J. T. Looney's Shakespeare Identified

Draft cover of James A. Warren's new, centenary edition of  J. Thomas Looney's  "Shakespeare" Identified. The book cover is modeled after the dust jacket of the 1920 Cecil Palmer edition. by Linda Theil James A. Warren, author of  An Index to Oxfordian Publications   (Forever Press, fourth edition 2017),  announced last week that he will publish a new, centenary edition of " Shakespeare" Identified  by J. Thomas Looney with Bill Boyle's Forever Press. Warren said the new edition features clean, clear text that is beautifully formatted and extensively footnoted.  Warren has purchased the rights to use five images from the National Portrait Gallery, and hopes to publish the new edition within the next month.  He will price the edition to sell for less than current, on-demand, editions that are simply bound photocopies of the out-of-print original book. Profits from the sale of Warren's new centennial edition will go toward the supp