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JT Looney's antipodean titbits

This year, while working on the second draft of his forthcoming book -- J. Thomas Looney's Shakespeare Identified: The 100th Anniversary of the Book that is Revolutionizing Shakespeare Studies -- James A. Warren continues to unearth long-forgotten artifacts from the period after publication of Looney's myth-shattering work. His most recent discovery is having learned that there was an Australian edition published by the venerable Australian bookseller, Angus & Robertson . "I just discovered that there was an Australian edition of Shakespeare Identified in addition to the London and New York editions, published in Sydney by Angus & Robertson on May 12, 1920," Warren said. Earlier this week Warren also reported his discovery of a letter from J. Thomas Looney in Gateshead, England to a newspaper in  Sydney, Australia. On June 10, 2020, Warren said: "Just found another letter from Looney responding to a review. This one is from  The Sydney Morning