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Oberon holiday gathering 2019

Oberons gather for annual holiday festivities on Dec. 8, 2019 in Howell, MI. Present: Mara Radzvickas, Rosey Hunter, Linda Theil, Richard Joyrich, Sharon Hunter, and Pam Verilone. Photo: Alisa Theil by Linda Theil Oberons extend holiday good wishes to all -- to whit, to whoo, a merry note! (LLL V:2) 1950s-style Winter Casserole 3# ground beef, brown in large skillet; drain excess fat; salt and pepper to taste 1 jumbo Vidalia onion, chopped (about 1-2 cups), saute in same skillet 1# egg noodles, boiled and drained 1# Velveeta Mexican cheese food, chopped into small cubes 2 10-oz cans condensed tomato soup 12-oz jar Heinz chili sauce 1-1/2 cup Panko sauted with 2 tbl. butter (set aside) Mix all ingredients in three-quart casserole, sprinkle with buttered Panko (or crushed potato chips). Bake 60-minutes at 350-degrees.