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Oberons celebrate UN-birthday 2018

Oberons gather in Howell, MI for Shakespeare's UN-birthday April 22, 2018. Clockwise from bottom: Susan Nenadic, Sharon Hunter, Barbara Burris, Robin Browne, Sawyer Theil, Linda Theil, Richard Joyrich, Pam Varilone, Rosey Hunter, and Mara Radzvickas. by Linda Theil Members of the Oberon Shakespeare Study Group gathered in Howell, Michigan  on April 22, 2018  for our annual Shakespeare's UN-birthday celebration, when we honor Edward deVere as the author of the Shakespeare canon. Shakespeare's UN-birthday cake 2018 We were fortunate in the beautiful weather and the wonderful company of many dear friends:  Susan Nenadic, Sharon Hunter, Barbara Burris, Robin Browne, Richard Joyrich, Rosey Hunter, Pam Varilone, Mara Radzvickas, Alisa Theil, Sawyer Theil, Emerson Theil, and myself. Our celebration was a day we will long remember.  Richard Joyrich brought a bottle of Oberon wine -- a 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon by Robert Mondavi Vinyards -- that we are saving for our ne