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Hunter on response to 1839 review of "Disquisition on . . . Shakespeare's Tempest"

Yesterday Oberon Chairperson R. Thomas Hunter, PhD, commented on Nina Green's Phaeton e-mail list on the topic of Stratfordian intransigence toward honest inquiry on the Shakespeare authorship question:  The following is a remarkable piece of early Stratfordiana which I found today while looking for something else. I believe that you will agree that the sentiment is quite remarkable in contrast to the unyielding, uniform Hardy Cook pap we have been used to. It was a Google scan of a review in The Gentleman's Magazine of  A Disquisition on the Scene, Origin, Date etc. of Shakespeare's Tempest by Rev. Joseph Hunter  [in which Rev. Hunter argues for an early dating of The Tempest]. No publishing information for the Gentleman's Magazine appears per se, although a detached reference to "Vol XIII" probably refers to that specific issue. The article must have appeared somewhere in the vicinity of 1839, since that is the date Hunter's book was published. So ima