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Exhibition at the Shiffman Medical Library

by Richard Joyrich Last Thursday, October 29, I attended the opening reception of a traveling exhibit from the National Library of Medicine at the Shiffman Medical Library at Wayne State University in Detroit. The exhibition is titled, “’And there’s the humor of it’ Shakespeare and the four humors”. As its name implies, this is an exhibition of Shakespeare’s references to the theory of the four humors regulating the body’s health and also a person’s character or temperament. The exhibit, while small (only 6 standing panels) is well done and informative. It will be on display at the Shiffman Medical Library until November 28 (free admission). Most of the information (i.e. copies of most of what is on each panel) can be found on the online guide that the Wayne State University library system has prepared at . This guide also has information on local places to see performances of the plays as well as links to classroom teaching ai