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Warren's centennial history published

 by Linda Theil   James A. Warren's epic centennial history of the Oxfordian movement was released last month by Warren's imprint Veritas Publications on Amazon . Shakespeare Revolutionized: The First Hundred Years of J. Thomas Looney's Shakespeare Identified  details the Oxfordian movement from its inception with the publication of Looney's foundational work in 1920 to the current moment of feverish fascination with the origin of Shakespeare's works. We asked Warren to share his thoughts at this monumental accomplishment. Oberon: Could you tell the story of how Shakespeare Revolutionized came to be and how long it took to create? Warren: Four years of research followed by two years of mostly writing but also some research. The writing and revising took 20 months of 12-hour days. Oberon:  Could you tell some of the highlights of its content; both in terms of reader interest, and in terms of authorial satisfaction? Warren: Until now, much information about the ea