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The one, the only, the very first Oberon selfie

Rosey Hunter, Richard Joyrich, Reynaldo Perez, Linda Theil, Barbara Burris,  Mara Radzvickas, Pam Verilone, Sharon Hunter  at Oberon holiday gathering in Bloomfield Hills, MI on December 5, 2015 Oberon's gathered yesterday for our annual holiday celebration hosted by Rosey Hunter at her home in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Rosey provided a sumptuous spread and Oberons provided good cheer. Rosey phoned Tom and Joy Townsend -- Oberons now residing in Seattle -- to share the festivities. Pam Verilone promised Tom and Joy a photo -- leading to antics that resulted in the very first- ever Oberon selfie, and putting the lie to scurrilous rumors that anti-Strats in any number are incapable of agreeing on anything. Sharon Hunter and Mara Radzvickas at Oberon party Dec. 5, 2015 Hostess Rosey Hunter at Oberon party, Dec. 5, 2015