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Young actors respond to Shakespeare authorship controversy

Interlochen Arts Academy students Clara Honigberg and Peter Carroll attend the "Shakespeare Authorship Symposium" April 22, 2017 at Interlochen Center for the Arts. by Linda Theil David Montee's "Shakespeare Authorship Symposium" at Interlochen Center for the Arts on April 22, 2017, included a large audience contingent of Montee's students who attend his acting classes at Interlochen Arts Academy -- a fine-arts, boarding, high-school in Interlochen, Michigan. Among the students attending were two of the principal actors in Montee's production of Cardenio :  Clara Honigberg of Washington DC who played Luscinda, and Peter Carroll of San Francisco who played Fernando. Both young actors expressed enthusiasm for the topic of Shakespeare authorship, and they agreed to share their reactions and insights with Oberon readers. Their interviews are highlighted below. Academy post-grad Anna Armstrong also shared her response to the authorship symposi

Oberon Up North 2017 -- the Interlochen authorship symposium

Image of Marshall Fredericks' sculpture "Two Bears" at Interlochen Center for the Arts, photo by AJ Theil by Linda Theil Oberons returned to the happy scene of former visits when we attended the  "Shakespeare Authorship Symposium"  at  Interlochen Center for the Arts   on April 22, 2017.  Interlochen theater-arts instructor, David Montee, PhD, welcomes attendees at the "Shakespeare Authorship Symposium" held in the Harvey Theater on the campus of Interlochen Center for the Arts on April 22, 2017. Interlochen theater-arts instructor, David Montee, PhD , organized the event to supplement his student production of Cardenio by William Shakespare and John Fletcher that was presented this weekend at Interlochen. Oberon chair Richard Joyrich, MD, delivers presentation at Interlochen "Shakespeare Authorship Symposium"April 22, 2017. At the seminar, Oberon chair Richard Joyrich, MD, delivered an overview of the authorship questi

Oberon donates $500 to SOF's Shakespeare Identified Centennial Fund

Oberon Shakespeare Study Group donates $500 check to SOF Shakespeare Identified Centennial Fund By Linda Theil Oberon Shakespeare Study Group Chair Richard Joyrich, MD, sent a $500 check to the Shakespeare Oxford Society Shakespeare Identified Centennial Fund yesterday to honor the memory of Oberon members who have passed away.  Oberons mourn the loss of our most recently deceased member, Reinaldo Perez, who died December 12, 2016. We continue to miss the friendship and insight of Oberon companions: R. Thomas Hunter (1942-2011), Ronald D. Halstead (1940-2014), and George Thomas Hunter (1923-2015). In a letter to the SOF board of directors, Joyrich said: All of these gentlemen were fine scholars and contributed greatly to our discussions at Oberon meetings as well as, in some cases, presenting papers at various authorship conferences. More information about each of them is available via the Oberon blog. . . .   Although they held various viewpoints, they were all e