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Greg Buse wins SOF $1000 prize for rap video

Chloe Buse on the set of "The Earl of Oxford's March -- Remixed!" Indiana-based writer/actor Greg Buse won the 2020 Oxfordie for a twerky, little, rap video, "The Earl of Oxford's March -- Remixed!" ,  produced by Candy Bank Films in Bloomington, Indiana. Julie Bianchi, chair of the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship's "Who Wrote Shakespeare?" video-contest committee, announced the $1000 award on October 2, 2020  at the SOF virtual Shakespeare Authorship Symposium, broadcast from the August Family Vinyards in Napa County, California. Buse said, "I was watching the symposium live, along with my family members who are in the video, and all of us were thrilled!" "The Earl of Oxford's March -- Remixed!" When not working his main hustle as Indiana University presidential speechwriter -- crafting the message for IU President Michael McRobbie -- Buse wrote and performed the Oxfordian rap along with family cast members: spouse Nata