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Oberons met September 9, 2017

Richard Joyrich studies menu at Beau's after September 9, 2017 Oberon Shakespeare Study Group Meeting at Bloomfield Twp. Library, MI. Linda Theil September 18 2017 Oberon Shakespeare Study Group met for the first time since spring at the Bloomfield Twp. Library. Our chair Richard Joyrich, Rosey Hunter, Sharon Hunter, Pam Verilone, Robin Browne, and I attended. Joyrich shared his impressions of the Stratford Ontario Shakespeare Festival where he spent a week play-going. He also attended the Shaw Festival and stopped by to visit Oberon friend, Lynne Kositsky, who has recently moved. We viewed the video offerings for the Shakespeare Oxford Society's first video short contest, "Who Wrote Shakespeare?" , and Joyrich shared information about the upcoming SOS conference that will be held October 12-15, 2017 in Chicago. Sharon Hunter and Rosey Hunter at Sept. 9, 2017 Oberon Shakespeare  Study Group meeting at Bloomfield Twp. Library, MI. Robin Browne at