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Waugaman contributes to Italian journal

Richard Waugaman, MD
by Linda Theil

Richard Waugaman's article "The Psychology of Shakespeare Biography: An Update" will be published in the 2015 edition of the Italian Shakespeare journal Memoria di Shakespeare. The journal -- which prints in both English and Italian -- will devote this entire issue to the topic of Shakespeare's biography. 

Memoria di Shakespeare co-editor Maria Valentini told Waugaman: 
We found your articles extremely interesting and absolutely pertinent to our forthcoming issue on 'Shakespearian biographies'. We would be delighted to have an article by you.
Waugaman's contribution is an update of a 2009 article that originally appeared in Brief Chronicles. Waugaman added:
Some of the updated material [also] comes from my 2012 article in The Oxfordian, “The Psychopathology of Stratfordianism.” I’ll also refer to the power of narratives — Stratfordian versus post-Stratfordian. I plan to add some material about the role of deductive and Cartesian reasoning in Stratfordian dogma — that is, starting with an unquestioned premise, which makes their dogma irrefutable.
Waugaman learned about Memoria di Shakespeare through the European Shakespeare Research Association which distributes news through an email distribution list.

When the updated article is published, Waugaman will post a link on his publications page at Georgetown University where he teaches. More information is also available at his website, The Oxfreudian.

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